Wednesday, September 10, 2008

We've Got More Bounce in California

Hanging out at "The Bear" with my five best girlfriends Megan, Katie, Monica, Stephanie and Lacey. We were celebrating the last week of school!

Here are the five restaurants in Chico I miss the most. If you ever take a trip to Chico or Northern California, check out these restaurants, they're awesome.

1. Celestino's Pizza

It's New York-style pizza and the only pizza
I've had better than this is pizza actually
served to me in New York.

2. Broadway Heights

This place serves California-style gourmet sandwiches. It was
always my opinion the bread is like a blanket. Excellent!

3. Madison Bear Garden

If you want to sound like a real local, call it "The Bear".
The burgers are yummy and it's a great place to hang out and
great for a night out since it's a bar, too. Sierra Nevada beer
is always on tap so try a pitcher of blond won't be

4. Chipotle

What can I say? It's the McDonald's of Mexican food. And if you
dress up as a burrito on Halloween, you get a free burrito. Oh,
the things in life which motivate us!

5. In-N-Out

Now for those of you who do not live near the west coast of the
USA, you are missing out. In-N-Out is everything a fast food
restaurant should be: fresh, cheap and right off any major
freeway. The only items on the menu are burgers, fries, soft
drinks and milkshakes but the food is incredible. My advice:
get to an In-N-Out immediately and your life will change. If
you want to be really cool, order something from the secret
menu. Don't know it? Well, my friends, that's something you'll
need to figure out.

Monday, September 8, 2008

"I'm an American!"

Britain:1, America:0

There's nothing better than proving you're a stereotype of America. I hate to pigeonhole people including myself but all stereotypes are based on some truth. So I'm three weeks in of this year in Japan and I finally went to some bars this weekend in Miyakonojo. The past two weekends were spent getting hammered in Kagoshima and Kokubu. My friend Halit came to visit for the weekend and he's from England. The majority of our conversations revolve around the differences between England and America. Halit's perception of a drunk American is that we're loud, obnoxious and a little frat-tastic. I was hoping not to fall into this category but by the end of a long night of matching the number of vodka tonics with my British friend, I was pretty wasted. I'm fuzzy on the details but at some point I was staggering around yelling, "I'm an American!" while waving my fists in the air. I'd just like to congratulate myself on officially proving to be a loud, obnoxious, frat-tastic, drunk American. Well done!