Thursday, October 30, 2008

Miyzaki and Aoshima Adventure

Taking off like a rocket in a Miyazaki koen (park).

My inner obnoxious American tourist does come out occasionally. But seriously, who could resist?

This is a Shinto shrine entrance at the beach in Aoshima. Surrounding the entire beach are large rock formations in the water called "Ogre's Washboards".

This is a picture of me in a Japanese arcade. I think the last time I had stepped foot into an arcade, I was probably 12 so it's been a good decade or so. I just had my first jam session on a Taiko drum game. It's kind of like playing Rockband, but way more intense!

So here are some pictures from my trip to Miyazaki. I just started working in Miyazaki on October 25. The city is beautiful and even reminds me a little of Southern California.

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